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Members of the Mathematics Research Group

The members of the Mathematics Research Group are as follows.

Head of Group

Sarah Hart (Professor of Mathematics)

Academic Members

Brad Baxter (Reader in Mathematics)

Andrew Bowler (Lecturer in Mathematics)

Ben Fairbairn (Lecturer in Mathematics)

Simon Hubbert ( Senior Lecturer in Mathematics                                                                  and Mathematical Finance)

Steve Noble (Sundstrom Reader in Mathematics)

Maura Paterson (Reader in Mathematics)

Ilaria Peri (Lecturer in Mathematical Finance)

Amarpreet Rattan (Lecturer in Mathematics)


Emilio Pierro (Visiting Research Fellow)


Postgraduate Members

Angela Aguele (PhD Student)

Ammad Ahmed (PhD Student)

Chimere Anabanti (PhD Student)

Amal Sbeiti Clarke (PhD Student)

Simon Fretwell (PhD Student)

Steven Green (PhD Student)

Dan McVeagh (PhD Student)

Denis Mazières (PhD Student)

Yifei Mo (PhD Student)

Adetokunbo Olufodun (PhD Student)

Aziza Sentissi (PhD Student)