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28 May 2015
Ed Hopkins (University of Edinburgh)
Inequality, Gender and Risk-Taking Behaviour

14 May 2015
Christoph Kuzmics (Bielefeld University)
Communication before Coordination with Independent Private Values: How Pedestrians Avoid Bumping into Each Other

30 April 2015
Sanjeev Goyal (Cambridge University)

23 April 2015
Richard Barwell (Royal Bank of Scotland)
Macroprudential Policy- Practice ahead of theory

18 March 2015
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
Dynamics of Firms and Trade in General Equilibrium

19 February 2015
Aurélien Baillon (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Higher Order Ambiguity Attitudes: Theory and Experiment

Thursday 12 February
Thomas Cornelissen (UCL)
Peer Effects in the Workplace

11 February 2015
Konstantinos N. Baltas (London School of Economics & QMUL)
Assessing Bank Efficiency and Stability

29 January 2015
Jevgenijs Steinbuks (World Bank Development Research Group)
A Nonlinear Certainty Equivalent Method for Dynamic Stochastic Problems

15 January 2015
Vasiliki Skreta (University College of London)
Sales Talk

11 December 2014
Marco Mariotti (Queen Mary University)
Stochastic Complementarity