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Recent Publications

David Scroeder and Andrew Kim
Industry effects in firm and segment profitability forecasting 2017  Contemporary Accounting Research (forthcoming).

Subir Bose and Arup Daripa
Shills and Snipes
, Games and Economic Behavior, July 2017

Arina Nikandrova and Roman Pancs
Dynamic Project Selection, forthcoming at the Theoretical Economics (Supplementary Appendix)

Arina Nikandrova and Roman Pancs
Conjugate Information Disclosure in an Auction with Learning, forthcoming at the Journal of Economic Theory (Supplementary Appendix)

Arina Nikandrova and Jevgenijs Steinbuks
Contracting for the second best in dysfunctional electricity markets, Journal of Regulatory Economics (2017) 51:41

David Schroeder and Florian Esterer
A New Measure of Equity and Cash Flow Duration: The Duration-based Explanation of the Value Premium Revisited, 2016 Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 48(5), 857-900.

Suma Athreye and Sandeep Kapur
Capital flows and technology flows: technology acquisition strategies in developing economies, in Archibugi and Filippetti(eds)., Handbook of Global Science, Technology and Innovation.

A.Guerdjikova and E. Sciubba
Survival with Ambiguity, Journal of Economic Theory, 2015

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Behavioral Patterns in Social Networks, Economic Inquiry, 2015

F. Mengel and E. Sciubba
Extrapolation and Structural Similarity in Games, Economic Letters, 2014