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Conference in honour of Prof Ron Smith

Conference in honour of Professor Ron Smith

A conference in honour of long-term member of Faculty, Professor Ron Smith, took place at Senate House on 6 June 2014. Many past and present members of the Department were present, as well as collaborators from elsewhere.

A varied and interesting series of papers were presented, including talks from George Alogoskoufis, Paul Anand, Stephen Hall, Paul Levine and Hashem Pesaran.

Conference Programme

Opening remarks, Sandeep Kapur

The Feldstein-Horioke puzzle revisited, Jerry Coakley

Time varying coefficient models: a proposal for selecting the Coefficient Driver Sets, Stephen Hall [slides]

Commodity risk factors and intertemporal asset pricing, Ana Maria Fuertes

On Ron's contributions to applied economics, David Foster

Forecasting global recessions in a GVAR model of actual and expected output in the G7, Kevin Lee [slides]

Transformed max likelihood estimation of short dynamic panel data models with interactive effects, Vanessa Smith

Technical analysis: is it still beating the foreign exchange market? Mark Taylor

On Ron's contribution to development economics, Derick Boyd

International security, sustainable development and the power of nations, Jacques Fontanel

The measurement of progress and the operationalisation of Sen's approach to welfare economics, Paul Anand [slides]

Debts, deficits and the real interest rate in a model of endogenous growth, George Alogoskoufis [paper | slides]

On Ron's contribution to defence economics, Malcolm Chalmers

The demand for military spending, Paul Dunne

Strategic bombing in WWII: an economic analysis, Keith Hartley

Military aid, direct intervention and counter-terrorism, Maria Garcia-Alonso and Paul Levine [paper | slides]

Concluding remarks (Ron Smith)

Speech at Conference Dinner, Hashem Pesaran, Reflections on my time with Ron