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Spring Term 2014/15


Thursday 15 January
Vasiliki Skreta (University College of London)
Sales Talk

Thursday 22 January
Peter McAdam (European Central Bank)
Understanding The Dynamics Of The US Labor Share

Thursday 29 January
Jevgenijs Steinbuks (World Bank Development Research Group)
A Nonlinear Certainty Equivalent Method for Dynamic Stochastic Problems


Friday 6 February
Anna Bindler (UCL)
Still unemployed, what next? Crime and unemployment duration

Tuesday 10 February
Tanya Wilson (Royal Holloway)

Wednesday 11 February
Konstantinos N. Baltas (London School of Economics & QMUL)
Assessing Bank Efficiency and Stability

Thursday 12 February
Thomas Cornelissen (UCL)
Peer Effects in the Workplace

Friday 13 February - This seminar has been CANCELLED
Erika Deserranno (LSE)
Financial Incentives as Signals: Experimental Evidence from the Recruitment of Health Workers

Tuesday 17 February, 2pm
Erina Ytsma (LSE)
Lone Stars or Constellations? The Impact of Performance Pay on Matching Assortativeness in Academia

Thursday 19 February
Aurélien Baillon (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Higher Order Ambiguity Attitudes: Theory and Experiment

Friday 20 February
Giovanni Ricco (LBS)

Thursday 26 February
Lucie Gadenne (UCL)
Non-linear commodity taxation in developing countries: theory and an application to India


Thursday 5 March
Javier Ortega (City University)
Schooling, Nation Building, and Industrialization: a Gellnerian Approach

Wednesday 18 March
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
Dynamics of Firms and Trade in General Equilibrium

Thursday 19 March
Stefan Trautmann (University of Heidelberg)
Ambiguity attitude = ambiguity aversion?