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Seminars in Autumn 2015/2016


Thursday 1 October
n Teulings (University of Cambridge)
Secular Stagnation, Rational Bubbles, and Fiscal Policy

Thursday 8th October, room 745, 12.30pm
Basile Grassi (Oxford University)
Large Firm Dynamics and the Business Cycle


Thursday 5th November, room 745, 12.30pm
Sarolta Laczó (University of Surrey)
Pareto-Improving Optimal Capital and Labour Taxes

Thursday 19th November
Alexander Karalis Isaac (Birkbeck)
The low-variance, high-risk economy: lessons from the higher moments of MSI-VARs


Thursday 3rd December
Özgür Kibris (Sabanci University)
Limited Attention with Status Quo Bias

Thursday 10th December
Javier Coto-Martínez ( Brunel University)