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Autumn 2012/13

Thursday 4 October
Donna Harris (Univ of Oxford)
In-Group Favouritism and Out-Group Discrimination in Naturally Occurring Groups

Wednesday 17 October
John Tilton (Colorado School of Mines)
Depletion and the Long-Run Availability of Mineral Commodities

Thursday 18 October
Vincent Sterk (UCL)
Job uncertainty and deep recessions

Thursday 25 October
Francesco Ravazzolo (Norge Bank)
Measuring Sovereign Contagion in Europe

Thursday 1 November
Ioana Moldovan (Unvi of Glasgow)
Stabilisation Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Job Search, Skills Erosion and Growth Effects

Tuesday 13 November
Arina Nikandrova (Birkbeck)
Optimal bid disclosure to influence information acquisition in sequential selling mechanisms

Thursday 15 November
Ana Galvao (Queen Mary Univ)
Anticipating Early Data Revisions to US Output Growth

Thursday 22 November
Dimitrios Tsocomos (Siad Business School)
Financial Regulation in General Equilibrium

Thursday 29 November
Alessia Isopi (Univ of Manchester)

Thursday 13 December
Elena Carletti (European University Institute)
Government Guarantees and Financial Stability