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Forthcoming Events

BCAM IV: Annual Workshop "Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics" 24th of May 2018

Full day workshop at Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0PD

Plenary Speakers include Richard Blundell (UCL) and Andres Erosa (Carlos III, Madrid)

Full programme available here



Past Events

BCAM Policy Talk II 2018 on Tuesday 20 March, 6pm in Council Room

Charles Goodhart (LSE)

BCAM Policy Talk 2017 on Friday 24 March, 6pm in Keynes Library

"Fiscal Buffers, Private Debt and Stagnation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by Giovanni Melina (IMF)

BCAM hosted Giovanni Melina from the Research Department of IMF and a PhD alumnus,  EMS/Birkbeck who gave the first BCAM Policy Talk.

Annual Workshop 2016

The third Annual Workshop organised by the Birkbeck Centre for Applied Macroeconomics welcomed a diverse body of academics and economists from a number of institutions including the universities of Copenhagen and Oxford, and the European Central Bank amongst others.

This year our keynote speakers were Wouter Den Haan (LSE) and Paul Levine (Surrey), and for the first time the workshop also hosted a dedicated poster session for PhD students from Birkbeck and the University of Ghent to present their research.

Other papers presented during the day included:

  • Informative Social Interactions
  • Residential Land Supply in 27 EU Countries: Pigovian Controls or Nimbyism?
  • Household Portfolios in a Secular Stagnation World: Evidence from Japan
  • Deeping Contractions and Collateral Constraints
  • Time-consistent Institutional Design

Watch videos of the talks and discussions

For more details about the workshop please see the BCAM 2016 Programme.

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Annual Workshop, 29 May 2015


  • Lending Standards, Credit Booms, and Monetary Policy
  • Endogenous Financial Crises in a Model of Occasionally Binding Constrained Borrowing
  • Designing Capital Regulation in a Quantitative Macroeconomic Model
  • Following the Trend: Tracking GDP when Long-run growth is Uncertain
  • Demographic Structures and Macroeconomic Trends
  • Monetary Policy and Long-term Interest Rates

Watch videos and see papers of the talks

Annual Workshop, 30th May 2014


  • Leaning Against Windy Bank Lending
  • Securitization and Asset Prices
  • Quantitative Easing and Bank Lending
  • Plenary Talk - The Perils of Sovereign Defaults
  • The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks under Measurement Error. A Proxy SVAR approach
  • Loss Aversion and the Asymmetric Transmission of Monetary Policy
  • Adaptive Learning, Incomplete Knowledge and Unemployment Volatility

View programme here

ProFI Nowcasting Workshop, 17th January 2013

This included speakers from the academia but mainly from European Central Banks (such as the Bank of England, Banca d’Italia, Norges Bank, Sveriges Riksbank, Banco de Espana, Central Bank of Ireland, European Central Bank, National Bank of Austria). Prof. Hashem Pesaran (University of Southern California) provided opening remarks to the sessions.

Anglo-French-Italian Macroeconomics Workshop, 21st & 22nd June 2013

View details here