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External Fellows

Piergiorgio Alessandri

Economist at the Research Department of the Bank of Italy, with research interests in dynamic macroeconomics and banking.

Piergiorgio Alessandri
Henrique Basso

Economist at the Research Department of the Bank of Spain with research interests in monetary economics, banking and finance.

Federico Di Pace

Senior Economist at the Bank of England, with research interests in macroeconomics, monetary economics and labour market dynamics.


Ourania Dimakou

Lecturer in the Department of Economics at SOAS. She has published on monetary and fiscal institutional designs.


John Driffill

Professor at Yale/NUS College with research interests in macroeconomics, monetary and international economics

Anthony Garratt

Professor of Economic Modelling and Forecasting at Warwick Business School with research interests in the broad areas of empirical macroeconomics and econometric modelling, with a focus on point and density forecasting, model uncertainty and combination, the use of real-time data, long-run structural VECM’s and exchange rates.

Alexander Karalis Isaac

Teaching Fellow in the Department of Economics, University of Warwick. A macroeconomist interested in the non-Gaussian behaviour of economic systems and the modern business cycle.

Hubert Kempf

Associate Member at Ecole d'économie de Paris with research interests in interactions, macroeconomic dynamics and monetary and fiscal policy.

Giovanni Melina

Economist at the IMF, with research interests in Macroeconomics (Fiscal policy, Monetary policy, DSGE models); Applied time series econometrics.

Giovanni Melina
Vincenzo Merella

Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Cagliari with research interests in Asset Pricing, Consumer Theory, Economic Growth, International Trade.

Vincenzo Merella
Haroon Mumtaz

Professor of Economics at Queen Mary University of London. His research interests are applied Bayesian econometrics, monetary policy and International Macroeconomics.

Haroon Mumtaz

Andrea Nocera

Postdoctoral Research Associate at USC Dornsife INET, Department of Economics, University of Southern California. His research interest are dynamic heterogeneous panels, random coefficient models, structural VARs, sovereign credit risk, house prices, international macroeconomics and finance.

Marco Pelliccia

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Bangor Business School, Bangor University. Research interests include game theory and network analysis.

Ekaterina Pirozhkova

Her research interests are in macroeconomics, monetary policy, financial economics and economics of banking.

Raffaele Rossi

Lecturer at the University of Manchester, with research interests in macroeconomic theory, interactions between monetary and fiscal policy and optimal policy.


Angeliki Theophilopoulou

Senior Lecturer in Pensions and Finance at the University of Westminster. Her current research is in the area of pensions and macroeconomic performance, fiscal and monetary policy in the European Monetary Union.

Marian Vavra

Advisor to the Governor and Senior Economist at The Research Department of the National Bank of Slovakia with research interests in theoretical and applied time series econometrics.

Stefania Villa

Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Foggia with research interests in Dynamic Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy and Financial Frictions in DGSE Models.

Stefania Villa
Francesco Zanetti

Associate Professor at the University of Oxford with research interest in the broad areas of economic modelling and central banking, with a focus on DSGE models, structural reforms, labor market policies, and monetary and fiscal policy.