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Dissertation Guidelines for the Summer Term

Aims and Objectives

The Dissertation requires students to apply the techniques and knowledge acquired from the taught courses. Students should:

  • show that they have a good knowledge of the relevant literature on their chosen topic;
  • identify an interesting question associated with that topic and analyse this question either in a new way or with new data;
  • demonstrate they have a good grasp of techniques (statistical, numerical or theoretical) relevant for analysing the question;
  • present the results of their analysis in a clear and convincing manner, within the word limit (8,000 words excluding bibliography)

Students must choose a suitable topic; any subject that relates to material covered in the Programme is admissible, but it is generally sensible to stick to projects which contain some substantial element of statistical or numerical analysis. Theoretical projects are difficult although occasionally students have produced good work of this type. Purely institutional topics are not permitted.


Exact dates can be found in the Academic Calendar (in the Student Handbook). In general the following steps are of importance:

  1. Submission proposal econometrics project (End of Autumn Term)
  2. Submission econometrics project (End of Spring Term)
  3. Submission proposal dissertation (End of Spring Term)
  4. Assignment supervisor (End of Summer Term)
  5. Submission dissertation (End of September)

Note that many supervisors are away in July and August so make sure to contact your supervisor at an early stage. Also consider communicating via email in those periods


  • The proposal for the dissertation needs to be uploaded on Moodle. The deadline can be found in the Academic Calendar and Moodle.
  • You will be assigned a supervisor after the submission of your proposal. It is your responsibility to establish contact and arrange meetings.
  • Further guidelines on the MSc Finance dissertation can be found on Moodle.
  • Two bound copies of the dissertation need to be submitted; in addition you need to submit your dissertation electronically on Moodle, together with your data and programmes.

For further details and the full dissertation guidelines please see the Moodle page.