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TIMETABLES: 2017/2018

Quantitative Techniques (level 6) - updated 31/8/2017

Students are invited to attend the Quantitative Techniques course, starting from 20th September. Please download the timetable for details.

Autumn Term Timetable (with rooms) 

Principles of Financial Reporting - this class may appear on both Tue & Thurs on your timetable, please be confirmed that MSc Finance students only attend the Thursday lectures.

Please attend the Economics of Financial Markets lectures on Tuesdays.

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2017/2018 (updated 26.9.2017)

Birkbeck Teaching Venues:

Please note, your 'examination notification' will be available via your My Birkbeck Profile which you need to print and take to your exam room, along with your student ID card.

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Assignment/Coursework Cover Sheet
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Mitigating circumstances policy

Mitigating Circumstances Form (2016/2017)

Further information on policies