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Student-staff exchange meetings

There is a student-staff exchange meeting every June and December for students on the BSc, MSc and Certificate programmes in Mathematics and Statistics. Student representatives from these programmes are asked to attend, but all students are welcome. Minutes will be placed on this page as soon as they are available; they are also put on the School noticeboards.


  • MSc Maths/Maths & Financial Modelling: Dec 2017 pdf format
  • MSc Maths/Maths & Financial Modelling: March 2017 pdf format
  • MSc Maths: Dec 2016 pdf format
  • MSc Maths: April 2016 pdf format
  • Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: Dec 2015 pdf format
  • MSc Maths pdf format
  • MSc Maths & Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: March 2015 pdf format
  • MSc Maths: Dec 2014 pdf format
  • Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: Dec 2014 pdf format
  • MSc Maths: July 2014 pdf format
  • Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: Dec 2012 pdf format
  • Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: May 2011 pdf format
  • Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: December 2010 pdf format
  • Undergraduate Maths/Statistics: December 2009 pdf format


Coursework is a key component within all of our programmes. It provides the opportunity for students to assist their learning through the feedback provided by marked assignment scripts, as well as taking away some of the pressure from the written examinations in the summer. We also consider it important that you should be encouraged to manage time properly during your busy time at Birkbeck: it is our experience that those who do, are the ones likely to benefit the most from our programmes, and pick up the best marks! To help support you in these desired aims and objectives, we have put in place an official policy on how items of coursework are to be dealt with. This policy primarily covers assignments: however, other items of coursework will be treated in a similar way.

Our coursework policy may be updated from time to time. The latest version is always available here. Click here to download an assignment cover sheet.

Each assignment will be available to download from the relevant course Moodle page as well as being distributed in lectures. We aim to return coursework no later than four weeks after the final submission date.