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Software availability and purchase

EViews 10.0

The Department has a Site Licence for EViews and can be found in all the College workstation rooms. The licence entitles students of the School to purchase version 9 for about $95 for a download.

There is a student version of EViews 9.5. The main limitations are not being able to program or run batch jobs, and a time limit of 2 years after first use. See the EViews site for full details of the restrictions. This version is priced at $39.95 for the download.

The student version can be bought from Timberlake Consultants for £32.00 +VAT.

See Awuku Danso (room 758, for a form to send to IHS to confirm your status within the Department, or  order directly from their website if you have a College email address..

Mathematica 11

Mathematica Students Edition is available to registered students from Wolfram for £72 to download.


The College's site licence allows for home use of MatLab. Economics, Mathematics and Statistics students send your request to the Department's IT support, Awuku Danso, using your Birkbeck email address. [Any other student, get in touch with your Department IT support.] You will subsequently receive an email from Mathworks detailing how you can download and install MatLab.


S-PLUS is covered by the College’s site licence and can be found in all College workstation rooms. Students can download a copy here. (password protected)


The Department has a Department Site Licence for the SAS Academic Analysis Suite, and can be found in room 742. The licence entitles Department students to use the software at home. See Nigel Foster (room 759) to obtain a set of disks including time-limited licence, and to sign a Student Use Agreement.

There  is also a free SAS University Edition, which involves creating a virtual machine and running on there. The instructions are good.


SPSS is covered by the College site licence and can be found in all College workstation rooms. Students can download a copy from the ITS web site.

Stata 14

Students can purchase Intercooled Stata  - Perpetual license including the Getting Started manual from Timberlake Consultants for £145 + shipping + VAT. There are cheaper options including an annual licence and Small Stata (99 variables, 1200 observations) for £40.