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PDF iconAlgebra 1: Techniques and Applications

Autumn term teaching 2014/15:
(this term is not relevant for Maths for Statistics students)

Sets: pdf format Powerpoint pdf format
Sets week 2  Powerpoint pdf format
Mappings: pdf format Powerpoint pdf format
Permutations: pdf format
Cryptosystems: pdf format

Assignment 1: pdf format due: 25/11/14  Solution: pdf format
Assignment 2: pdf format due: 20/01/15

Spring Term teaching 2015:
(material relevant for Maths for Statistics students)

Problem Set 1 solution pdf format
Matrices: pdf format
Systems of Linear Equations: pdf format
Determinants: pdf format
Real Vectors: pdf format
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: pdf format
Markov Chains: pdf format
Linear Programming: pdf format

Exercise 1: pdf format

Algebra 1/Maths for Statistics Assignment 3:  pdf format due: Monday 2nd March 2015

Exam Papers
2005 Exam Paper: pdf format
2006 Exam Paper: pdf format
2007 Exam Paper: pdf format
2009 Exam Paper & Solution: pdf format
2010 Exam Paper pdf format and Solution pdf format
2011 Exam Paper pdf format Solution (specific questions): pdf format

Recommended books:
Carol Whitehead, Guide² Abstract Algebra : this contains a good introduction to sets and some other topics covered in the first term.
H. Anton, & C. Rorres,Elementary linear algebra with applications, Wiley B. Kolman, Introductory Linear algebra with Applications (6th edition), Prentice Hall
C. Whitehead.Guide to Abstract Algebra (Macmillan Mathematical Guides), Macmillan