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You will need a scientific calculator for examinations. It should have trigonometric functions (with degrees and radians), roots and powers, exponents, logarithms, factorials, combinations and permutations. A fraction key is also useful. You do not need a graphical calculator. Some people borrow calculators for exams. This is not a good idea because you will not be familiar with it and you shouldn't waste time in exams learning how to work your calculator.

The college examination regulations state that:

'The unauthorised use of material stored in a pre-programmable memory will constitute academic misconduct. You are advised to use a calculator without this facility.'

If you have a programmable calculator you must clear the memory before entering the exam room.

Recommended Calculators

The following calculators have all the required functions and currently cost under £10.

Casio fx-83 ES Scientific Calculator
Casio fx-83 GT Scientific Calculator
Casio fx-83 GT Plus Scientific Calculator
Casio fx-85 MS Scientific Calculator
Casio fx-992S Scientific Calculator

As Sharp seem to produce a number of versions of essentially the same calculator, the word series is used to indicate any model with the preceding text at the start of its model name.

Sharp EL–501 series
Sharp EL–511 series
Sharp EL–520 series
Sharp EL–531 series

If you wish to use any other calculator in an exam you must obtain an approved calculator form and have it signed by a member of academic staff.  Forms can be obtained from the School office or downloaded from below.
Calculator approval form: pdf format