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Mathematics and Statistics Programmes

This page contains information on the following programmes:

Cert. HE Mathematics Dip. HE Mathematics
BSc Mathematics BSc Mathematics and Statistics
BSc Mathematics and Accounting BSc Statistics and Accounting
BSc Mathematics and Economics BSc Statistics and Economics
BSc Mathematics and Management BSc Statistics and Management
Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Graduate Certificate in Statistics
Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Graduate Diploma in Statistics


In addition to the documentation available on this page and elsewhere on the website, there are some noticeboards in the School where course information is posted. Opposite the lifts on the 7th floor, there is a noticeboard with information about coursework, such as which assignments are ready for collection and confirmation of whose work has been received. (No marks are posted there, because these are confidential.) The noticeboards opposite room 719 (by the Department Office) have lecture timetables, lists of personal tutors, assignment submission guidelines and so on. It is worth checking them regularly.

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For student records, exam procedures, registration information and information on college regulations, go to the Registry website.


Course Materials are on Moodle.