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Research and Publications


Pre-print versions are available here; published version may be downloadable depending on your institutional access, or email me for a copy.

Other publications

  • Liquidity preference and information pdf format
    in Dimensions of Economic Theory and Policy, OUP, 2011
  • Default traps  pdf format
    in Sovereign Debt: from safety to default
    (with Catão & Fostel), 2011
  • The Management of Digital Rights in Pay TV  
    in Cave & Nakamura (eds.), Digital Broadcasting, 2006
    (with Cowie)
    [preprint | citations]
  • The limitations of supervision: a note "test"
  • Literacy in India pdf format
    in The Concise Oxford Companion to Economics in India
    (with Murthi), 2009
  • The internationalization of firms from China and India: policy implications pdf format
    UNU-MERIT Policy Brief No 1, 2009
    (with Athreye)
  • Persistent gaps, volatility types and default traps pdf format
    IMF Working Paper 7/148, 2007
    (with Catão and Fostel)
  • Missing link: volatility and the debt-intolerance paradox pdf format
    IMF Working Paper 51, 2004 (with Catão) [50 citations]
  • FDI in India: recent trends and prospects pdf format
    Treasury Management, 2005
    Reprinted in Financial Growth in India and China: A comparative study
    Reprinted in FDI: Issues in Emerging Economies
  • Developing Countries in the New Economy: the Role of Demand-Side Initiatives, pdf format WIDER, 2002-73 [citations]
  • Portfolio choice and retirement income solutions pdf format
    Watson Wyatt Technical Report 2002 RU005
    (with Orszag)
  • Private Foreign Investment in India
    in Athukorala (ed.), The Economic Development of South Asia, vol III
    (with Athreye)
  • A portfolio approach approach to investment and annuitization during retirement pdf format
    (with Orszag), 1999 [50 citations]
  • Financial intermediation and monetary policy
    Mita Journal of Economics, 1997
    [with Dutta | vol 90(3), 31-39]

Old Working Papers

  • Why packaging matters: the role of unit design in auctions pdf format
    (with Cowie and Daripa)

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    The UCL, Bloomsbury and East London DTP invites applications for three postdoctoral fellowships (PDFs) to be based within departments at the partner institutions within the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP): University College London, Birkbeck, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and the University of East London.

  • Competition for ESRC Studentships for October 2018 entry is now open

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