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Ben Fairbairn

Lecturer in Mathematics

MMath MA (Cantab) PhD (Birmingham)

Hi! Welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by.

In 2014/15 my main BSc teaching responsibilities are Real & Complex Variable Theory and the fourth instalment of Problems in Mathematics. I will also be teaching the MSc module Algebraic Number Theory. All materials may be found on moodle.


My research is primarily concerned with groups and related matters in combinatorics and occasionally even geometry. A more comprehensive account of who I am, where I've been and what I do can be found here (and in particular my publications and preprints, many of which are also on the arXiv can be found here). I currently have one PhD student: Emilio Pierro.

My Erdős number is 2 (Erdős-Cameron-Fairbairn). Since Erdős finally stopped publishing about a decade after he died, this is about as low as it can possibly get!

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How to find me physically

My office hours are by appointment in office 738 of the main Malet street building.

How to find me virtually

Typing b.fairbairn and then typing one of those fancy "at signs" before proceeding to type in an appropriate place (I recommend some form of software that is designed to send emails) should get my attention.

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