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Adriana Breccia:

"Since Birkbeck I have been working as a lecturer in Finance at the University of York (Department of Economics).
I had a great time at Birkbeck. Very good  supervision and having access to the maths and stats people is really helpful. Broad choice of highly specialised modules in the first year."

Liam Graham:

"Excellent supervision and productive interactions with the faculty (two of whom I still collaborate with) meant I finished my PhD promptly in 2003. My first post was as a lecturer at the University of Warwick, then in 2005 I returned to Bloomsbury to a post at University College London.  The support I received and the contacts I made while at Birkbeck have been key to my academic career."

Paul Schweinzer:

"After a term as visiting assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, I now work at the University of Bonn in Germany.  In terms of fun and intimacy, however, I wish I were back at Birkbeck!"