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Zebedee Nii-Naate



Zebedee Nii-Naate
Postgraduate Certificate in Economics
(now Graduate Diploma in Economics) and
MSc Economics

"I was attracted to the School because of its internationally renowned research reputation. The school houses several giants in the field of Economics and Finance, and I found this reputation justified.

I have benefited from studying with a number of exceptionally talented students, many of whom went on to complete their PhDs at Birkbeck College and other top institutions.

I was working nights at the time, and  I found the lectures and professors very helpful and they genuinely wanted us to do well. They were very flexible in their approach to student development.

Towards the end of my MSc in Economics I was looking for an opportunity to move into economic modelling. I would not have secured my current job at HM Treasury without my Masters. I also regularly bump into past lecturers running refresher courses at the Treasury.

I've recommended the school to friends, family and associates with an interest in working as economists or financial analysts because they offer courses for various needs and educational levels on full- and part-time schemes."