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Lesley Lodge
MSc Economics

"In 1981, I took the course part-time while working in HM Treasury as an Executive Officer. The Treasury paid my fees and allowed me to take some time off (the few weeks before the finals). It was hard work, putting in a full day at the Treasury then studying 3 evenings a week after work but I also remember how stimulating it was too - and that I did find the time to join fellow students in the pub at least twice a week. The intention (mine and theTreasury's) was that I would switch over to the Government Economic Service but the election of a certain Margaret Thatcher meant a freeze on recruitment to the GES just as the exams came up. I did however get a job offer almost immediately to work in economic research on developing countries' economies. Later, in local government, I put knowledge gained from the course to good use - I put together an economic regeneration model which helped secure a £60m Single Regeneration Budget grant (the biggest in the country at the time) for a public/private inner city regeneration programme."