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Ed Davey, MP
MSc Economics


Liberal Democrat MP Ed Davey became senior policy advisor for the Liberal Democrats at the age of 22, after graduating in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Jesus College, Oxford. Wishing to expand his awareness of theoretical economics, Davey enrolled on Birkbeck's MSc Economics, graduating in 1993.

"For me, studying economics at Birkbeck was the obvious choice: the international quality of the teaching staff and the central London location meant it was a both fascinating and practical use of my precious spare time. With highly motivated fellow students, part-time learning at Birkbeck proved to be more fun and intellectually rewarding than my undergraduate experience. Professors Dennis Snower and Ron Smith together achieved the impossible for me - providing an intuitive understanding of macroeconomics and taking the fear out of mathematical economics. I even turned up to three hours of econometrics on Friday nights!
Yet it was Birkbeck's flexibility that ultimately ensured I finished the course. Work pressures meant I took time out after my first year, completing my second year with a totally different set of students. The college made this simple for me.

So in a world of lifelong learning and complex lives, we need more Birkbecks; part-time higher education has attractions that span any political agenda - delivering equality of opportunity and fulfilling the needs of the ambitious"