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Giovanni Melina

"My initial drive to study for the MSc Economics at Birkbeck College was not only the specific interest I had in Macroeconomics but also the strong reputation that the Department of Economics enjoys in this field, among many others."
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics

Professor Paul Ekins

"Birkbeck is an absolutely unique launchpad for those who are ready for something new, because you can work to support yourself while preparing the ground for a new career in a face-to-face course that, for me, is more appealing than distance learning. You have to be prepared to work - but with that and Birkbeck, the sky's the limit."
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics

Chris Thoung

"… as I reflect on these last six years, what stands out for me is how Birkbeck taught me how to think like an economist."
MSc Economics

Haroon Mumtaz

"The PhD program at Birkbeck college benefits from a results oriented approach, diverse research interests of the faculty members and in particular from the willingness of all staff members to provide guidance and help on research. I felt the PhD program provided me with skills and confidence to try and build a career in economic research"
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics

Ed Davey

"With highly motivated fellow students, part-time learning at Birkbeck proved to be more fun and intellectually rewarding than my undergraduate experience".
MSc Economics

Liam Graham

"My first contact with Birkbeck was in 1999 when I took the MSc – a tough, quantitative programme which allowed me to continue working while contemplating a career change.  Inspired by the high quality of the teaching and the approachability of the faculty, I decided to continue to a PhD"
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics

Kitty Ussher

"Birkbeck enabled me to call myself an economist and I would not have been able to do my job, or had the confidence to do my job, without it."
MSc Economics

Zebedee Nii-Naate

"I was attracted to the School of Economics, Finance Mathematics because of its internationally renowned research reputation. The school houses several giants in the field of Economics and Finance, and I found this reputation justified."
Graduate Diploma in Economics, and MSc Economics