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Claudia Sperlich,
BSc (Hons) Economic and Social Policy


Claudia Sperlich

After compulsory schooling in my native Germany and three years of vocational training I took to travelling the world, living and working abroad.  After 10 years I had arrived at a point of ‘saturation’ and was ready to fulfil my lifelong dream of studying for a degree. 

Birkbeck offered the perfect array of choices of subjects I was interested in, all integrated within an interdisciplinary degree.  I decided to move to the UK to study part-time whilst working full-time to be able to afford living in London – a decision that was to change my life forever and that I’ve never regretted.

Studying in a different language was at first hard but opened up a world to me I always wanted to be part of.  I made fantastic friends at Birkbeck who, along with the support and encouragement of the lecturers, were my lifeline during those four years of studying.  What I appreciated very much at Birkbeck is that there was never so much as even a hint of ageism.  As a mature student I was part of a majority at Birkbeck which meant that the level of discussion in tutorials etc were high and immensely rewarding.

My success at Birkbeck led to a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics in Development.  This made it possible for me to return to places I knew only as a traveller on previous ventures but now go to as a professional, working on international development projects – another dream come true!

Birkbeck enabled me to get access to a world I never thought was within my reach and opened opportunities beyond all expectations.


Thank you Birkbeck!