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Claudia Sperlich:

"What I appreciated very much at Birkbeck is that there was never so much as even a hint of ageism.  As a mature student I was part of a majority at Birkbeck which meant that the level of discussion in tutorials etc were high and immensely rewarding.

My success at Birkbeck led to a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics in Development.  This made it possible for me to return to places I knew only as a traveller on previous ventures but now go to as a professional, working on international development projects – another dream come true!

Birkbeck enabled me to get access to a world I never thought was within my reach and opened opportunities beyond all expectations"
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Michael Caulfield:

"The great thing about Birkbeck is the encouragement and support you get from the tutors and fellow students. There is a real buzz about the place. You realise how important it is to make the most of your time, both academically and socially, and you develop a new perspective on life.

Success at degree level has led to other things. At the age of 41, I gained a place at the London School of Economics to study for an MSc in Social Policy, studying with some of the world’s top social policy researchers. Since then I’ve worked in several different roles within the public sector, gaining promotion along the way."