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Caroline Mendes da Costa:

"Right from the start I knew that I felt comfortable at Birkbeck. All the staff were incredibly supportive and understood that the students had other commitments as well as studying.  It was also useful to be with students who were in the same, or similar, position to me - working and studying.  There was a really diverse mix of students in each class, with a whole range of experiences, which definitely enhanced the group discussions...
I can honestly say that going to Birkbeck turned my life around"

Raymond De Souza:

"The help given by all the tutors in formal tutorials and in ad hoc sessions when the tutors made themselves available at short notice ensured that I obtained a degree of good standard."
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Christine Wilkinson:

"I greatly benefited from the friendships that I made during my course and there was a real sense of community. The class sizes in the mathematics department mean that students do not feel anonymous. You will not be just a dot in a sea of faces in a large lecture theatre. I also felt that the academic staff had a real understanding of students' commitments outside college"