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Julia Goldsworthy:

"The course is not just applicable to economics, it applies to everything. It was relevant to everything and it helps you to understand statistics....suddenly it's not just theoretical, it's not just graphs and simultaneous equations, it's actually interpreting issues that were relevant to my work - so that was very interesting.

I really, really enjoyed it and I think Birkbeck is brilliant. The whole nature of work is changing, and people constantly need to look at their skills balance - what they need to change, what things they want to pursue and what areas they enjoy.
So because I had such a positive experience, it would be nice to share that enthusiasm with people who are thinking of coming to Birkbeck."


Zebedee Nii-Naate:

"I was attracted to the School of Economics, Finance Mathematics because of its internationally renowned research reputation. The school houses several giants in the field of Economics and Finance, and I found this reputation justified."
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