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Student Testimonials

Giovanni Melina

"My initial drive to study for the MSc Economics at Birkbeck College was not only the specific interest I had in Macroeconomics but also the strong reputation that the Department of Economics enjoys in this field, among many others."
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics

Haroon Mumtaz

"The PhD program at Birkbeck college benefits from a results oriented approach, diverse research interests of the faculty members and in particular from the willingness of all staff members to provide guidance and help on research. I felt the PhD program provided me with skills and confidence to try and build a career in economic research"
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics

Zebedee Nii-Naate

"I was attracted to the School because of its internationally renowned research reputation. The school houses several giants in the field of Economics and Finance, and I found this reputation justified."
Graduate Diploma in Economics, and MSc Economics

Anne Watts

"The lectures were well structured, the course offered the opportunity to work with computer packages that I was unfamiliar with and the continuous assessment gave me the confidence to do well in exams".
MSc in Applied Statistics and Operational Research

Claudia Sperlich

"Birkbeck enabled me to get access to a world I never thought was within my reach and opened opportunities beyond all expectations"
BSc Economics and Social Policy

Caroline Mendes da Costa

"Right from the start I knew that I felt comfortable at Birkbeck. All the staff were incredibly supportive ...  and there was a really diverse mix of students in each class, with a whole range of experiences, which definitely enhanced the group discussions...I can honestly say that going to Birkbeck turned my life around"
BSc Mathematics and Statistics

Piergiorgio Alessandri

"I have always been interested in the themes at the intersection between Economics and Finance, and I decided to take an MSc at Birkbeck because the school has a very strong tradition in this area"
MSc Economics, and PhD Economics