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Nazim Mirza

BSc Financial Economics

Nazim Mirza was committed to pursuing a career in finance and it was Birkbeck’s reputation, particularly among colleagues in the City, which drew him to the BSc Financial Economics.  He comments: 'I chose Birkbeck firstly because it was University of London, so it was a strong, recognised qualification.'  He found the prospect of part-time, evening study appealing as well, as he was able to further his career by working and studying at the same time.

Nazim enjoyed the convenience of evening study but added that it can be demanding. He says: 'The course that I did was quite challenging in terms of its mathematics, which did require a lot of studying. But it was worth it in the end.'

Nazim found that the biggest challenge in being an evening student was the time it took.  'You give up your social life,' he says, 'but you do make a lot of good friends.' Being surrounded by like-minded people helped him stay focused over the course of his degree.  He comments: 'A lot of the students were so focused that it gave you motivation and you were able to motivate each other and help out each other. So I think the students themselves were helpful. The staff were fantastic as well, especially in the final year.'

Because he was able to work while he studied, Nazim was able to establish a career in finance while he completed his degree. The best thing Birkbeck has done for him, he says, is provided him with a good grounding and qualification in his professional field: 'I am able to say that I have got a qualification in financial economics and I work in finance. People have heard of Birkbeck and it has a good reputation, which is one of the main reasons that I chose to study here.'

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'A lot of the students were so focused that it gave you motivation.'