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Anosh Zahir

MSc Financial Engineering

Anosh Zahir, was working as a mortgage broker, but when the recession hit, he decided that the time was right for a career change. He missed being in an educational environment having left university nine years earlier, and after advice from a recruiter, decided that Birkbeck, University of London’s MSc Financial Engineering would help him both with his career change, and fulfil his passion for learning.

Although he hadn’t completed an undergraduate degree, Anosh spoke to the admissions tutors at Birkbeck who saw his potential, and allowed him to enrol onto a graduate diploma, from which he progressed onto the MSc.

Birkbeck’s Department of Economic, Mathematics and Statistics has a strong research reputation, and this was a key factor in Anosh’s decision to study at Birkbeck. He says: 'I didn’t want to learn something from five years ago, or even two or three years ago, as in finance that would be irrelevant by now. At Birkbeck I found that the lecturers knew what was going on in the industry and was really pleased to discover that they were directly involved in the finance sector.'

Anosh found that there was a lot of collaboration between the students on the course. He comments: 'The thing that distinguishes Birkbeck from other universities is that everyone who studies here has made a huge commitment to be here. People either have families, or they’re working, so they’re here to study hard. That motivation is passed onto everybody else and there was a lot of collaboration between the students.'

This motivation was important, as Anosh explains: 'Financial engineering is a demanding course. You need to be focussed. However, the course is structured in such a way that if you are motivated and manage your time, you can get really good grades and come out with excellent knowledge of the subject.'

Having graduated with distinction in 2011, Anosh feels that the objectives that he set out to achieve have been accomplished: he has a good degree from a prestigious University of London college and the relevance of the course to the industry meant that he was able to find a good job, as a business analyst at a bank in Canary Wharf. 

His passion for studying has not abated though, and he is now planning to apply for a PhD at Birkbeck!

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'At Birkbeck I found that the lecturers knew what was going on in the industry.'