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MSc Financial Economics

Programme Director: Arupratan Daripa

The recent global economic and financial turmoil has reminded us that the financial intermediaries have considerable impact on the modern economy.  This course supplements standard advanced training in economics with a specialist course that looks at the design of financial institutions, considers the extent to which informational and other imperfections create the risk of market failure and explores the policy implications.

The Birkbeck MSc Financial Economics:

  • familiarises students with advanced concepts and techniques used in economic analysis, allowing them to access and evaluate current research output in academic journals and in the public and commercial domain
  • provides the ability to use methods of economic analysis and related techniques in practical and professional contexts
  • examines the issues behind current controversies in economics and finance
  • trains students in quantitative skills and requires them to combine their theoretical and quantitative understanding in an original piece of applied work.

The course is demanding and challenging. We expect all of our entering MSc students to be competent with intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics, multivariable calculus, linear algebra and statistics. Prospective students without the necessary prerequisites should apply for the one-year Graduate Diploma in Economics course which prepares students for the MSc.

The structure of the MSc Financial Economics course at Birkbeck reflects the long-running experience in cutting-edge, research-led evening teaching at Birkbeck. The course is open to both full-time (one year) and part-time students (two years) and offers a rigorous training in economics.

General enquiries and questions concerning admissions should be directed to the Programme Administrator:

Jo Kwok
Tel: 020 7631 6429