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MSc Programmes in Finance

The modern-day financial institution recruits across a wide range of exciting professional careers and here at the department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck we offer a range of taught masters programmes that are designed to meet the needs of the full spectrum. Depending upon your own particular goals you can choose a programme that is right for you:

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MSc Finance

  • This programme is for you if you are looking for a flexible qualification that is suitable for a range of careers in the financial sector. The course modules have been carefully designed so that a student, who may not necessarily have a background in Finance, can gain a comprehensive grasp of the fundamental principles and practical applications across a very broad sweep of financial topics. Self-contained modules covering the essential mathematics and statistics for finance are provided. This is a stand-out feature as it enables the programme to be accessible to students who may not have this prior knowledge. Apart from being equipped with a quantitative financial tool-kit students will also take modules in economics, corporate finance, financial markets, asset management and financial reporting. The curriculum for this programme will also serve as excellent preparation for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exams.

MSc Finance with Advanced Pathways

  • This programme is for you if you are looking a thorough training in modern finance. The programme covers the crucial mathematical and statistical techniques and delivers substantial knowledge and understanding of the theory that forms the foundations of the subject. Additionally, it caters for students who want to work in specialized fields, such as Banking, Accounting or Commodities and also those who wish to carry out academic research leading to a PhD.

MSc Financial Risk Management

  • This programme is for you if you want to specialize in this continuously evolving and exciting branch of finance. The recent economic crises have created a great deal of uncertainty in the financial markets which has caused the financial regulators to impose strict rules on financial institutions. This development has opened up a wide range of exciting opportunities for individuals with skills in developing and implementing financial models. This programme will provide a solid mathematical and statistical grounding; it will alert you to modelling flaws and provide you with the theoretical and practical expertise needed to create more accurate models which aim to provide a more faithful representation of the real financial markets. Upon successfully completing the course you will be well equipped with the skill-set to take on almost any role in this employment hotspot or to carry out academic research leading to a PhD.

MSc Mathematical Finance

  • Our MSc Mathematical Finance offers advanced training in quantitative skills used in modern financial institutions, including most notably valuation of securities, and measurement and management of portfolio risks, enabling you to seek employment in financial institutions, including regulator bodies. You will be trained in programming, numerical methods and statistics, and given a grounding in pricing and risk management techniques. A key feature is the emphasis on computational methods and implementation of the pricing and risk management techniques learned. You will complete modules in programming, numerical methods and financial statistics, and many topics are illustrated by computer examples.

The Department

Across all of our courses we deliver fundamental knowledge, essential skills and innovations in quantitative finance and investments. Our qualifications are highly regarded by financial institutions and, upon completion, students are well suited to work in a range of financial careers or in a specialized role. Our recent alumni work have gained employment across many financial institutions including investment banks, insurance companies, HM treasury, risk consultancies, hedge funds and bespoke firms in the city. Our finance courses also benefit from a rich student diversity, there is a great mix of international students, continuing graduates and working professionals from finance and other disciplines. This diversity lends itself to an exciting learning environment.

Study Full-time or Part-time

Unlike many other academic institutions, all of our programmes are taught across weekday evenings and are available to take either in full-time mode (over one year) or in part-time mode (over two years).

The full time route offers you an in-depth, focused education in finance. As a full-time student you will have remarkable access to our teaching faculty. In addition, you also have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge further by attending problem solving classes, seminars and networking events both at Birkbeck and also across the colleges of the University of London.

The part-time flexibility is one of Birkbeck’s key strengths and, being positioned in the heart of London, it is a major attraction to the financial sector. Part-time study offers working professionals the possibility to further their education while simultaneously enhancing their careers. As a part-time student you are able to control the intensity of your studies based upon your personal needs.