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Student Testimonials

Mathias Compain

CertHE Economics and BSc Financial Economics at Birkbeck

'I primarily started the Certificate of Higher Education in Economics in order to improve my English while studying a subject for which I showed interest. Studying the Cert HE Economics has been hugely rewarding, not only has my English significantly improved by the end of it but it gave me the confidence to further pursue my studies into a BSc in Financial Economics at Birkbeck University. Following my degree, I have done an MPhil in Finance & Economics at the University of Cambridge and I am now about to start a PhD in Finance at Birkbeck University, something I would have never thought possible a few years back. I was a waiter when I started studying the Cert HE Economics and now I can look forward to an all new professional career and life.'

'Studying the Cert He Economics is very convenient as it is flexible and fits with other commitment that you may have, the pace and level of teaching is just enough to be challenging without being overwhelming and the staff at Birkbeck University are very supportive, all of this contributes to make studying the Cert HE an enjoyable and rewarding experience.'

'I would advise anyone who is thinking about studying an Cert HE to jump in as you never know how far it might get you.'