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BSc Statistics and Economics

Programme Director: Andrew Bowler

This interdisciplinary degree integrates the disciplines of mathematics and statistics with applications in economics and finance. It encourages a systematic approach to problem-solving and focuses on the collection, presentation and interpretation of data. The degree is suited to those working in the financial sector and develops the skills needed for statistical careers in commerce, industry, medicine, transport, government and education.

The first year of the course consists of compulsory courses, in order to provide a common base for further study. In the second, third and fourth years there will be a mix of compulsory and optional courses. For the options you may choose whichever courses interest you most, and in that way tailor the degree to your taste.

General enquiries and questions concerning admissions should be directed to the Programme Administrator:

Cassie Fernandes
Room: 717
Tel: +44 (0)20 7631 6442;