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BSc Economics

Programme Director: Dr Emanuela Sciubba

This new BSc programme is designed to provide a core of rigorous, technically demanding, yet applications-oriented, skills in economics. Students exiting the degree will have acquired enough knowledge and skills to equip them for professions requiring economic literacy and with the analytical tools expected from a high-quality economics degree. The programme structure allows for progression through 2 different pathways: the first pathway is less analytical and more applied; while the second pathway is more abstract and will suit you if you are interested in undertaking postgraduate study in economics or working as a professional economist. If you complete the applied pathway, you will graduate with a BSc Applied Economics.

This programme will prepare you for a wide range of jobs in both the private and public sectors. Our graduates go on to develop careers in banking and finance, the public sector, industry and research and analysis, among other areas.

Watch the short video below of the Programme Director, Emanuela Sciubba, describing the rationale behind the new degree.

General enquiries and questions concerning admissions should be directed to the Programme Administrator:

Julia Bernhardt
Tel: 020 7631 6432
Email: Julia Bernhardt