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Digital accessibility enhancement roadmap and related sites and services

Birkbeck College runs a wide variety of websites and it is important to us that our websites and services are as widely accessible as possible.

This roadmap describes our approach to this work, and is complementary to our Accessibility Statement.

Develop Standards

  1. For online self-service applications
  2. For our website

Test and prioritise

Having defined a set of standards, we intend to test our websites and other online services in order to identify those areas that are most in need of changes to improve accessibility.

Undertake specific improvement projects

  1. Improve the accessibility of ASK.
  2. We are currently investigating options to provide captions in videos published after 23 September 2020.
  3. Develop accessible Word and PowerPoint templates.
  4. Undertake a set of briefing and training activities to provide all staff and students with an overview of digital accessibility regulations.

Educate Staff and Students

Provide specific guidance for the creation of accessible Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents.