Unconscious - The Literary Unconscious

Author: Frances Power Cobbe

Title: Dreams, as illustration of involuntary cerebration


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Born in Dublin in 1822, writer Frances Power Cobbe is best known today as a social reformer, feminist theorist and pioneer animal rights activist. In common with many other Victorian feminists, Cobbe regarded her feminism as of a piece with her campaigns against vivisection, considering both to be concerned with protecting the defenceless against the arbitrary power of men. Cobbe died in Wales in 1904. Her debate with contemporary psychology turned largely on the attempt to reconcile it with Christian beliefs. ‘Dreams as Illustration of Involuntary Cerebration’, was published in 1872 in Darwinism in Morals and Other Essays, and develops questions raised in her previous essay ‘Unconscious Cerebration’, which responded to the work of William Benjamin Carpenter.

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