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Author: Arthur Ransome

Title: Bohemia in London (1907)

Keywords: London, Bohemia

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Best known for Swallows and Amazons, his series of children’s books, Arthur Mitchell Ransome was an English author and journalist, born in 1884. He also penned a number of lesser known works, including Bohemia in London, a semi-fictional memoir of his early years in the capital that was first published in 1907. In his opening chapter Ransome states: “I wanted to write a book that would make real on paper the strange, tense, joyful and despairing, hopeful and sordid life that is lived in London by young artists and writers. I wanted to present life in London as it touches the people who come here, like Whittingtons, to seek the gold of fame on London pavements.” In this extract the author treats us to a whirlwind tour of the exotic coffee houses of Soho.

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