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Our staff

Staff categories

These are our Birkbeck staff categories within the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology. 

Head of Department and Assistant Dean

Academic staff 

Research Fellows 

Visiting Professors 

Honorary Research Fellows

  • Dr Adnan Al Mohamad
  • Dr Nicoletta Bruno
  • Dr Anne Byrne
  • Dr Yusuf Çetinkaya
  • Dr Cem Doğan
  • Dr Mark Gardner, Associate Research Fellow
  • Dr Philippa Gregory
  • Dr Marybeth Hamilton
  • Dr Jessica Hammett
  • Dr Katherine Harvey
  • Dr Marcia Holmes
  • Dr Simon Jarrett
  • Dr Peter Jones
  • Dr Yannos Kourayos, Senior Practitioner Fellow
  • Dr Bart Lambert
  • Dr Tanya Lawrence
  • Dr Keti Lelo
  • Dr Tyson Leuchter
  • Dr Julie Peakman
  • Dr Frank Riess
  • Harvey Sheldon
  • Dr Hiroki Shin
  • Dr Jonathan Smyth
  • Dr Peter Singer
  • Dr Anne Summers
  • Dr Claire Taylor
  • Dr Clare Vernon
  • Dr Gillian Williamson

Teaching and Scholarship staff

Administrative staff 

Academic Staff on research leave in 2019-20