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Research interests

Sophie's practice based research focuses on the relationships between
art and society. She has worked as an independent curator for six years (as one half of the curatorial partnership B+B), a writer and evaluator of public and socially engaged art. Sophie's research interests include:

  • Socially engaged, participatory and public art
  • Cultural policy, commissioning processes and evaluation practices
  • Labour conditions in the arts and creative industries
  • Community art histories in the UK
  • Practice-based research in interdisciplinary contexts

Sophie would be interested in supervising PhDs on any of the above

Sophie has developed a number of practical projects through which to
research these issues, such as a 3 year participant-led investigation
into socially engaged art ('Critical Friends' 2008-2011) and a
large-scale community performance in a Dutch new town ('Het Reservaat' 2007). Her PhD (completed in 2011), entitled: 'Participating in the Wrong Way? Practice Based Research into Cultural Democracy and the Commissioning of Art to Effect Change' explored the limits of
criticality in the context of an artists' contract, drawing on ideas of
'la perruque' by Michel de Certeau, the hyphen by Trinh T. Minha and
Herbert Marcuse's repressive tolerance, among others.

Sophie is currently researching the relationship between art and politics in the year 1984 and writing her second radio play about the future archaeology of a tribal uprising on the outskirts of Plymouth. These projects further Sophie's interest in applying generative metaphors of time travel to critically reflect on current situations and possible actions
for change.