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Current work

1. Forthcoming publications

Co-edited volume: Adapting the Canon. Translation, Visualisation, Interpretation. Oxford: Legenda (forthcoming 2016)

Co-edited volume: Picturing the Family. Media, Narrative, Memory. London: Bloomsbury (forthcoming 2017)

The conference, from which the volume originated, explored how concepts of family have been acted out, reinvented, or deconstructed, through various media including the visual arts, literature, and museum exhibitions, across the centuries. The family picture was considered both in its figurative and artefactual forms. We looked at the significance of the family picture in literary works and films, paintings, photographs and other visual media with a particular interest in media transfers, the question of what happens to family pictures when they are included in literary or visual narratives whether these are autobiographical or fictional. We explored how different media reproduce or replace the family picture, or evoke it once it becomes lost.

Key questions to be examined include: what are the changing conventions of the family picture and how do they reflect the changing conceptions of the institution of the family? Who is the addressee of the family portrait? How do family narratives and family pictures inform each other? What is the role of family pictures in individual and cultural memory? Is the family a privileged site of memorial transmission (Marianne Hirsch)? Has it become the central trope through which national history is framed? What role do family pictures play within other cultural forms, e.g. in literature or film? Can other cultural forms offer alternatives to the kinds of family portrait we associate with photography?

Keynote speakers:  Professor Martha Langford (Concordia University, Montreal) and Professor Annette Kuhn (Queen Mary University, London)

Exhibition in Peltz Gallery: Family Ties. Reframing Memory

2. Transcultural Memory in Europe

Since 2013 I have been UK representative for the EU-financed research network In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe which has enabled me to establish the international research network Marginal Memories? Dynamics of Forgetting and Remembering in First World War Centenary Commemorations. By comparing dynamics of memory transmission in each of the case studies and by focusing on connections between the cases, the project moves beyond the tendency within memory studies to focus on national memory and to reify the links between culture, nation and memory.