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Scholarly books

    • Schlosberg, J. (2016) Media Ownership and Agenda Control: The hidden limits of the information age. Routledge: London
    • Schlosberg, J. (2013) Power beyond Scrutiny: Media, justice and accountability. London: Pluto

Scholarly book chapters

    • Schlosberg, J. & Brevini, B. (2016) 'Between Philosophy and Action: The Story of the Media Reform Coalition', in D. Freedman, R. McChesney et al (eds) Strategies for Media Reform: International Perspecives, Fordham University Press
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    • Schlosberg, J. (2012) ‘Beyond the Red Tops: Sensationalism and Ideology in Serious News’ in Schlosberg, J. in R. Keeble and J. Mair (eds.) The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism on Trial? London: Abramis

Refereed journal articles

    • Schlosberg, J. (2015) ‘End of Story: Accountability spectacles as ‘closure’ in national security news’, International Journal of Press/Politics (forthcoming special issue)
    • Schlosberg, J. (2011) ‘Transmit/Disrupt: Why does illegal broadcasting continue to thrive in an age of spectrum liberalisation?’ The Radio Journal, vol 9(1)
    • Schlosberg, J. (2011) ‘Covering the Cover Up: The Hutton Report and UK Television News’, Ethical Space, vol 8(3)

Research Reports