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Research supervision

I am currently responsible for the research of six PhD students. I am sole supervisor of one doctoral project ("Mothering in the work of Marie NDiaye") and co-supervisor of five other doctoral projects ("Music and relationality in the films of  Claire Denis"; "The creation of meaning in film documentaries about trauma"; "Prostitution, identity and stigma in documentary film"; "The racialised female double in American Cinema"; "Fellini, dreaming and belonging").

I have supervised three PhDs to completion: Dr Kamil Zapasnik (co-supervised with Dr Joanne Leal), was awarded his doctorate in 2014 for his thesis on representations of "the Other" in contemporary French and German cinema; Dr John Rignell (principally supervised by me, with Joanne as second supervisor) was awarded his doctorate in 2016 for his thesis on the ideas of psycho-analyst D.W. Winnicott and the films of Michael Haneke; Dr Rebecca Sykes (principally supervised by Dr Ben Cranfield, with me as second supervisor), was awarded her doctorate in 2018 for her thesis on the performance artist Andrea Fraser and her work of institutional critique.

When my next supervisory vacancy arises, I would welcome applications from candidates interested in exploring intersections between the aesthetics of the moving image, the ethics and politics of psychoanalysis, and questions of social agency, intervention and transformation.