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Current projects

I am writing a book for Karnac (due early 2019) at the intersection of film studies and psychoanalysis, entitled Something to Watch Over Me: Post-Traumatic Attachments to the Eerily Moving Image.

In January 2018, I took part in an event at the British Film Institute (as part of their Ingmar Bergman Retrospective) on the subject of Bergman and the aesthetics of kinship and attachment, specifically Persona and the problem of the dead mother/dead child.
In December 2017, I took part in an all-day round-table at the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, on the theme of 'Denial'.
In October 2017, I spoke at the University of Middlesex on the topic of Black student success, as part of Black History month.
I continue to facilitate regular events and screenings at BRAKC, as well as the Fruitvale Film Club, a monthly Saturday film-and-discussion group at Birkbeck Cinema, supported by London Campaign Against Police and State Violence and Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image, for people disproportionately affected by police and state violence.
Other recent activities:
2017: paper on disruptive internal objects and dehumanised children in film at the 'Non-Human Child in Film' symposium at Birkbeck
2016: paper on Bion, terror, thinking and Bigger than Life for film symposium at Queen Mary UL on 'Emotional States: Cinema, Melodrama, Gender'
2015: BIMI symposium 'Filming the Absent Mother', paper on Mariana Otero's film Histoire d'un secret in the context of 1968 and abortion
2015: Black History Month masterclass on Black 'aliveness' and Black cinema
2015: dialogue at Birkbeck Cinema with the Congolese filmmaker Djo Munga
2014: co-organiser (with Amber Jacobs) of 'Moving Objects', a BRAKC-BIMI conference at Birkbeck Cinema, on the politicized implications of the moving image and 'object relations'
2014: also at Birkbeck Cinema, as part of Birkbeck Arts Week, discussion with Hannah Eaton (author of acclaimed 2013 graphic novel Naming Monsters) on the impact of David Lynch’s frequently dismissed 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me on Hannah's art and on my own novel Mameluke Bath, and exploration of Lynch’s importance for imaginative responses to trauma, fantasy and catharsis. You can listen to our discussion here.
2014: paper on Ferenczian uses of Val Lewton, entitled 'The Curse of the Cat People and the possibility of spectral therapeutic alliance' at the Film and the Psycho-Cultural: Objects, Relatedness, Processsymposium, Freud Museum, Hampstead
2014: Black History Month round table participant at Sci-Fi Film Screenings at Stratford.
And I have recently finished editing a special issue of the Journal of Psychosocial Studies, based on a symposium I organised in 2015 through BRAKC and the 'Guilt' Working Group entitled 'Sanity, Madness and the Family: An Urgent Retrospective'. It explores the legacy of R. D. Laing and Aaron Esterson's classic 1964 text on families and 'schizophrenia', and includes articles by Robbie Duschinsky, Suman Fernando, Tony Garnett, Lucy Johnstone, Hilary Mantel, Chris Oakley, Lynne Segal and Anthony Stadlen. The audio podcast of the symposium is available to listen to here.