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Current research interests

Nicola's current research is mostly concerned with the “politics of culture” and can be divided into three strands. One strand focuses on questions of memory, historical consciousness, national identity, and the controversies over the representation of Japan’s war-time and post-war past in North East Asia. She is presently finishing a monograph (in German) about the discourses on Japan’s military “comfort women.”

The second line of her research deals with memory cultures, in general, and more specifically with gendered representations of the Asia-Pacific War in popular culture, films, new media, and history/peace museums. In this context, she has written articles about the neo-nationalist Manga Kenkanryu (Anti-Korean Wave Manga) and its relationship with popular internet sites, and about ‘women and war’ exhibitions in museums. Her next book-length projects deals with memories of WWII as represented in Japanese, Korean, as well as American films.

The third strand of her research concerns women’s literature and feminist thought in modern Japan.