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Signe Hoffos

Associate Lecturer in Digital Media Management

Signe Hoffos has been following the development of the digital media market for over three decades, as a practitioner, journalist, consultant, speaker and lecturer. She first used a word processor with Overhill Engineering in 1979, worked on one of the UK’s first videodiscs with EPIC Industrial Communications in 1982, helped to introduce the concept of interactive multimedia to business and education with the National Interactive Video Centre in 1988, wrote a book on interactive video for EPIC in 1984 and another on CD-i for New Media Productions in 1992, edited a series of multimedia directories with Multimedia Ventures in the 1990s, designed her first Web site in 1998, and integrated 45 sets of archival records into a database for the British Universities Newsreel Project in 1999. She has worked on trade events, awards competitions and conferences for non-profit organisations including the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) and Grierson Trust. She has produced reports for clients including the European Commission and British Library, as well as many commercial organisations, and has edited and designed newsletters for trade associations in the multimedia market, and volunteer groups in the heritage sector. She has variously also worked literary editor of a little magazine and press officer of an opera festival. After some thirty years at the keyboard, has become a highly selective user of contemporary digital media technology.