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Michele Daniels

BA English Literature (Cardiff, 1978); BA Humanities and Media (Birkbeck, 2005); MSc Health Promotion (Southbank, 1992, distinction); MA History of Film and Visual Media (Birkbeck, 2007, distinction)

Michele has taught on the World Cinemas unit of the BA in Film Studies for over ten years. Her main focus is Iranian cinema, but she is also interested in Indian and South American cinemas. Her career has spanned both community development in health promotion and more recently film and media in local settings.

Research interests:

  • Michele is a keen supporter of the BFI London Film Festival and attended over 40 films at the festival in 2016.
  • She worked for 3 years on a PhD focussing on the work of migrant filmmakers from the Middle East and has an interest in globalisation and the effects of trauma and migration on filmmaking.
  • She completed a dissertation on the coming of talking films to London in 1928/29, entitled ‘The Freaks and the Fat Ladies, Opposing the Inevitable’?  She is interested in spectatorship and completed work on contrasts between art house and multiplex cinemas.
  • Earlier work includes ‘Kino Eye or Kino Fist’? An exploration of the differences between theoretical frameworks in early Soviet Cinema.
  • Michele currently works for social housing, using film and visual media as a way of evoking memories in people with dementia.  She is interested in using film in therapeutic, community contexts. Michele believes that using visual media helps people with loss of memory to evoke the past and the present and hence to ensure a more lively quality of life in later years.


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