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The Politics of War Reporting

The Politics of War Reporting: Authority, Authenticity and Morality (Manchester University Press) by Dr Tim Markham, Reader in Journalism and Media at Birkbeck.

The book draws on interviews with war correspondents and the political phenomenology of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu to unpack the inner workings of the professional culture of war reporting. Is journalistic authority really only about doing the job well, or is it about looking at the world in a particular way? Do the ethics of war reporting emerge simply from the ‘stuff’ of journalism? This book asks why it is that the authoritative reporter increasingly needs to appear authentic, and that success depends not only on getting things right but being the right sort of journalist.

An critical symposium was held in 2012 to mark the launch of  this book. The panelists, who brought forth some great and critical points for debate and discussion, were: Professor Stuart Allan (The Media School, Bournemouth University); Professor Diana Coole (Department of Politics, Birkbeck); and Professor Phil Hammond (Centre for Media & Culture Research, London South Bank University).

You can see a video of the symposium below: