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Dr Juliet Hassard

Juliet Hassard has been actively involved and led on a number of pan European research projects funded by the European Commission. This research has examined a wide variety of topics related to occupational health and safety. Juliet has a strong research interest in understanding how applied psychology, or more broadly applied social sciences, can utilise the work environment to prevent illness and disease; but, moreover, promote the sustainable health and wellbeing of workers, organisations, and communities. She has published numerous research reports and several peer-reviewed articles. She is a member of several professional associations: including, International Commission of Occupational Health, European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, Society of Occupational Health Psychology, British Psychological Society, and the American Psychological Association. She is also a peer-reviewer for several academic journals, to name a few: the International Journal of Stress Management, Safety Science, and Industrial Health.

Juliet is a Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Psychology with a minor in Sociology at the University of Manitoba, Canada. Following which, she completed her MSc in Occupational Health Psychology at the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations at the University of Nottingham. As part of the MSc programme, she completed an internship at the World Health Organization (Geneva Headquarters).


Some Recent Publications

Griffiths, A., MacLennan, S., & Hassard, J. (2013). Menopause and work: An electronic survey of employees’ attitudes in the UK. To be submitted to: Maturitas: The European Menopause Journal, 76 (2), 155-159.

Leka, S., Hassard, J. & Yanagida, A. (2011). Occupational stress in psychiatric hospital nurses in Japan: The impact of the psychosocial work environment and symptoms of general wellbeing. Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health Services, 19 (2), 123-131.

Houdmont, J., Zhou, J. & Hassard, J. (2011). Overtime and psychosocial wellbeing among Chinese office workers. Occupational Medicine, 61 (4), 270-273.

Dr Juliet Hassard

Dr Juliet Hassard

Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable Working Life
Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Centre for Sustainable Working Life
Birkbeck University of London 
Malet Street, Bloomsbury 
London WC1E 7HX