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Selected publications by Centre members

Claire Callender

Kerry Harman

Elizabeth Hoult

  • Hoult, E.C. (2011) ‘With Love and Anger’, pp. 9-12 in Brown, T. (ed.) Ten Years of National Teaching Fellowships: four stories from education, Bristol: ESCalate/HEA

Sue Jackson

Tom Morton

  • Gray, J, and Morton, T (forthcoming). Social interaction and English language teacher identity. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
  • Morton, T (2013). Critically evaluating materials for CLIL: Practitioners’ perspectives and practices. In J. Gray (Ed.). Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials. Basingstoke: Palgrave. (pp. 137-60).
  • Morton, T (2012). Classroom talk, conceptual change and teacher reflection in bilingual science teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education, 28(1), 101–110.

Miriam Zukas

  • Zukas, M and Kilminster, S (2014) “The doctor and the blue form: a sociomaterial account of professional learning” in T. Fenwick and M. Nerland (eds) Reconceptualising Professional Learning: changing knowledges, practices, and responsibilities. Routledge. pp 38-51.