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Selected publications by Centre members

Claire Callender

  • Callender, C and Thompson, J. (2018) The lost part-timers:The Decline of part-time undergraduate higher education in England , London: Sutton Trust
  • Callender, C. (2018) Student mothers in higher education in P.J. Burke, A. Hayton and J. Stevenson (eds) Evaluating Equity and Widening Participation in Higher Education. London:Trentham Books
  • Dougherty, K. and Callender, C. (2017) English and American higher education access and completion policy regimes: similarities, differences and possible lessons, Centre for Global Higher Education, Working Paper 24. London:UCL, Institute of Education.
  • Callender, C and Mason, G. (2017)  Does student loan debt deter higher education participation? New evidence from England  The Annals of American Political and Social Science, 671 (1): 20-48 DOI: 10.1177/0002716217696041
  • Callender, C. (2017) Cost-sharing and student support in Peter Scott, Jim Gallacher, and Gareth Parry (eds) New Languages and Landscapes of Higher Education, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 103-126.
  • Scott, P and Callender, C. (2017) United Kingdom: From binary to confusion. In  Philip G. Altbach, Liz Reisberg, and Hans de Wit (eds)  Responding to Massification: Differentiation in Postsecondary Education Worldwide. Hamburg:The Körber Foundation, 121-130.
  • Hunt, S., Callender, C., and Parry, G (2016) The entry and experience of private providers of higher education in six countries, Centre for Global Higher Education, Research report. London:UCL, Institute of Education.
  • Temple, P., Callender, C., Grove, L., Kersh, N. (2016) Managing the student experience in English higher education: Differing responses to market pressures. London Review of Education, 14: 1, 33-46 DOI:

Kerry Harman

  • Harman, K. (2016). Examining work – education intersections: the production of learning reals in and through practice. European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults, 7 (1), 89-106.

Elizabeth Hoult

  • Hoult, E.C. (2011) ‘With Love and Anger’, pp. 9-12 in Brown, T. (ed.) Ten Years of National Teaching Fellowships: four stories from education, Bristol: ESCalate/HEA

Miriam Zukas

  • Zukas, M and Kilminster, S (2014) “The doctor and the blue form: a sociomaterial account of professional learning” in T. Fenwick and M. Nerland (eds) Reconceptualising Professional Learning: changing knowledges, practices, and responsibilities. Routledge. pp 38-51.